Election Pitches for 2024 SPJ President

We need to vote for the office of the president. Here are the two candidates.


Voting will be open Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 9 a.m. to Wednesday, Sept 27 4 p.m. Results will be announced on Wednesday, Sept 27 at 6 p.m. in an all class email.

Please select only ONE candidate in each category.

Each J-school student is eligible to cast one ballot for the elections.

While the votes will be kept confidential, we need you to fill in your name and e-mail to ensure the integrity of the ballot.

All ballots are final – no changes are allowed. PLEASE FILL IN CAREFULLY

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Voting open until 4 p.m. 09/27/23

The Election results will be announced on Wednesday 09/27/23 at 6 p.m. via an all class email.

Here are the two candidates

Lotoya Francis

• LOTOYA FRANCIS, M.S. Full-time
past education: B.S with Honors from Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations
I’m who Twitter calls “the leader of the friend group.” I organize the gatherings, have strong relationships with each friend, know everyone’s strengths, and am the go-to person for concerns. As a student leader, I operate the same way. As Cornell’s 2022 Senior Convocation Chair, I organized a commencement celebration for over 3,500 seniors and their families attending virtually and in-person and led a committee in selecting our keynote speaker Constance Wu from Crazy Rich Asians. I was also President of the Black Women’s Support Network, Founder and Creative Director of a digital media team, a leader in residential life, a student worker, and the list goes on. I managed budgets from $30 to 6 figures, put on large-scale and intimate events, secured guest speakers, and most importantly, advocated for the best interest of my peers. At every stage, our mission and our team are my top priority. Amidst the pressures of school and student organizations, our wellness is always most important.
why vote for me: In my undergrad senior superlatives, I was voted Most Involved, Most Likely to Become Famous, Most Likely to Lead a Protest, and Biggest Drama Queen. I’m not sure how well-deserved the last one was but they all speak to the role I like to play in my community. I get involved; I connect; I advocate; and I keep things interesting because life is too short to be boring. Authenticity is one of my biggest values. Amidst all of the seriousness and formality of the J School, it’s important to me that we all have the opportunity to be our fullest selves, unapologetically and without resistance. My priority as SPJ President would be to establish a culture that amplifies our personalities and humanity. Let’s have events that challenge our ideas of what’s professional and what a credible journalist looks, sounds, and acts like. As we navigate this prestigious program and strive to become who we think we’re “supposed” to be, I hope to nurture our uniqueness and build a legacy on authenticity.

Lisa Power

past education: Honours B.A., English Literature, The University of Toronto
I have undergone formal leadership training and was recognized as a student leader by the University of Toronto after earning a certificate through the Building NEW Leadership program. I also attended the Leading with Pride summit and volunteered at the LGBTOUT! drop-in centre. During my time with Pi Beta Phi, I challenged gender stereotypes in an effort to strengthen Panhellenic relations and was recognized by receiving the Gloria Legrow Woman of the Year Award. I served as Arts & Culture Editor at my university newspaper and improved diversity in storytelling by fostering an environment that was welcoming for journalists of all backgrounds. I have an interest in urban agriculture and volunteered with Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) wherein I developed a new watering system for its demonstration gardens. Most recently, I served as a Welcome Ambassador, proposing event ideas and planning my own. Fun fact: I once biked from Toronto to Niagara Falls and back (172.8 miles).
why vote for me: 
I believe that our class will be best served by my leadership because I will work to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive in a safe environment where they can reach their full potential. I will achieve this by advocating for our concerns and ideas, and commit to making sure that our needs are met by the administration. I live by my values of inclusivity, respect, and honesty, and if elected President, it will be my goal to instill in each of us the confidence to go forward and succeed in our careers and in our lives