Submit your sweatshirt design

As the weather is beginning to cool down, it is time for our annual sweatshirt design competition to heat up! Every year we welcome all students to create our class sweatshirt. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to enter ā€“ just help explain and sketch out the basic design and if we love it you could be the winner. The winner will receive a free sweatshirt! I’ve outlined some general rules below:

  • Make sure your sweatshirt says Columbia Journalism School in the design somewhere
  • Keep it simple. Create a design that you think most of the students in the program would like
  • The closing date is Oct. 11. The SPJ board will be voting and the winner will be announced Oct. 15. Please email with your creations
  • Explain your design as clearly as possible and include photos. They will be on a blue or black hoodie.
  • If you use your crown in your design, you can’t manipulate its shape in any form
  • You must be open to any slight edits from SPJ including font changes.

Here’s what the Board has come up with so far…

Design #1
Design #2