Join “The Wrangler” Workshops This Weekend!

A new virtual event being hosted by the Brown Institute called “The Wrangler” taking place this weekend, November 13th and 14th.

The streaming address is .

What is The Wrangler? It is a “choose your own adventure” of unique skills workshops — it is 2 days, each divided into 90 minute to 2-hour sessions. At any point there will be 3 workshops running in parallel and you decide which courses you are going to attend. It’s a perfect event for students, so if you are an educator, please pass it along.

So far, we have recruited just over 25 presenters who will be introducing tools like R and Python, and leading hands-on workshops on Open Source Digital Investigations, Data Visualization, Mapping, Natural Language Processing and Network Analysis. There will also be skills workshops on how to tell your stories on social media, and the best ways to fashion FOIA requests. And we have a few “this is how we did it” sessions with leading journalists in computation. We’ve even added a dose of Entrepreneurship and Product Thinking for you to sample.

See the attached lineup for confirmed instructors – and more are coming! So far, they come from news organizations like The Guardian, The New York Times, Twitter and ProPublica, investigative teams like Bellingcat and Forensic Architecture, and other partners like Neo4j and Hearken.

This should be an amazing weekend! There is more information on our website and we will post a formal schedule by Tuesday. RSVP now to hold your place, and then pick your workshops to suit your needs. The Wrangler is about expanding your reporting skills and seeing your work in new ways.

RSVP here:

The Wrangler website:

Join us! And email with any questions.