Kickoff party/comedy show

Curious about what happened at the last SPJ meeting? There’s a song for that.

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Sept. 23, 2011

Present: All board members except those listed below.
Absent: Elaisha Stokes (excused), Russ Finkelstein (excused), Nathan Vickers (excused), Carl Lewis, Hunter Smith, Nitya Rajan, Paul Cronin, Sergey Gordeev.

Quick reminders: If you have ideas for the SPJ meeting minutes videos, talk to Jake. Contact Bianca about taking your photo for the website, and please put your contact info into our SPJ Google spreadsheet. If you can’t attend a meeting, please tell the secretary in advance.

1. Meeting called to order by Jake Heller at 5:19.

2. Kickoff party: The party will be held next weekend in conjunction with the comedy show that Travis Irvine is arranging at 107th and Broadway. The events director will announce details as soon as possible.

3. Committee updates:

Speakers: The committee hopes to bring Amy Goodman of Democracy Now on Nov. 4 or Nov. 11. In the SPJ survey, it will ask students what speakers they would like.

Events: After the kickoff party, the committee will arrange the Halloween party. It also hopes to work with SIPA and other schools on some events this year.

Centennial: Needs to meet with Elizabeth Fishman.

Swag: SPJ needs finalized designs for sweatshirts by October. Nigel may help with the design or there may be a contest.

Community: Hopes to hold a blood-drive competition with NYU. NYC blood bank says 50 students need to sign up for a truck to come to campus. Other ideas: Help NGOs use social media; teach high-school students journalism; squash after school program; Street Smarts.

Film: Danfung Dennis’ film (To Hell and Back Again) will screen this evening. The committee hopes to screen Bombay Beach and bring the filmmaker.

Student Life: The committee has drafted sponsorship requests to try to get drinks and snacks for CUJ. It also hopes to arrange trivia events. Next week we will have a fridge/microwave cleaning schedule.

Academic: The committee is planning a yearbook, and at least one speaker/ debate this semester. It is also preparing survey questions.

Publicity: Will meet with the events director as soon as possible. Would like to get a committee member from each RW1 section.

4. SPJ retreat: Picnic! Tentatively next Sunday around noon, Central Park.

5. The List: Jake sent out programming ideas after last week’s meeting. Other ideas are welcome. Jake asked the committees to incorporate the list into their planning for the year.

6. Survey: Every committee gets two questions for the survey. Please e-mail your questions to Jake by the next meeting.

7. Missed items:

Nigel wondered how SPJ wants to use the website. The consensus was that it should include the SPJ meeting minutes (videos) and should be minimal.

Jake met with Irena Choi Stern. He will try to get our class invited to J10 events. (J10 is a groping of the last 10 years of J-school graduates.)

8. Meeting adjourned at 6:04.

Minutes submitted by the secretary, Celia Llopis-Jepsen.[/toggle]