Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2013

Present: Stuart Sia, Kenny, Colleen, Sana, Tenzin, Bryan, Kim

1. Journey With the Giant: China’s Stunning Rise to Global Stardom. Documentary. Feb. 12. Tuesday 7p.m. James Isaiah Gabbe.
Will announce to International Newsroom, China Seminar.

2. Thanks who attended the accreditation this morning.

3. This semester we make the t-shirts. Opportunity to come up with a slogan for Spring–We’ll be asking CUJ 13 to submit some slogans to represent our class. We need to select a slogan after voting and then start the ordering process.

4. ABA wants to organize Mardi Gras and is requesting SPJ to sponsor the event. It might be in Stabile. No liquor.

5. Adam Golub is going to start the yoga class every Monday in 601 B, 5p.m. to 6 p.m. Starting next Monday. We could create a sign up list and ask Adam about the max. capacity. World room and Lecture rooms are too sacred, so off limits.

6. Opportunities mentioned to Kim: Wine class. Should we promote? $450 for four weeks. No
Cosmopolitan, Lisa Ling. They want to screen the show and watch it in Stabile. No.

7. Quartz. Hosting an event with speakers and some editors. conversation on hiring issues and etc. Should we host? YES.

8. Storify Founder Mark Little coming. Need to choose between Friday afternoon or the following Monday.

9. Steve McCurry. Photographer for the National Geographic, shot the famous “Afghan girl” portrait with the piercing blue eyes. Friday. March 29th.

10. Whenever we organize SPJ events, we’ll need photographers. And, also need to keep the website updated with content.

11. SPJ Centennial dinners are happening. First one is February 28th at Rebecca’s place. Also looking at the last week of March and the first couple of weeks in April. 40-45 students will be able to participate. List will be up soon, and everyone gets to attend once.

12. Need to have more student activities. Student Life committee? Games, sports, races, board games in Stabile. More journalism documentary/ film screenings. Volleyball in Central Park. Massage nights.Dance class?

13. TUESDAY Evenings for SPJ meetings? Sunday is not working (obviously).

14. Oscars party in Stabile. Feb. 24th. Day before the Masters project deadline.

15. Sanjana wants to organize an “ALL WHITE” graduation brunch.

16. May 21st is Journalism day. 22nd is the big graduation.


Meeting Minutes – January 27, 2013

Present: Sana Beg, Kimberly Brooks, Mansi Choski, Sanjana Chowhan, Keith Collins, Keira Lu Huang, Bryan Koenig, Dhiya Kuriakose, Colleen McKown, Jason Myles, Stuart Sia, David Winograd.

Absent: Mohamed Al-Shaaban, Yvonne Bang (excused), Harman Bopari (excused), Nastasia Boulos, Kelly Boyce, Shadi Bushra, Khadijah Carter, Magdalene Castro, Matthew Claiborne, Tom Corrigan, Turner Cowles, Pierce Crosby, Karina Cuevas, Jay Devineni, John-Carlos Estrada, Sandra Garcia, Lorelai Germain, Krystal Grow, Mustafa Hameed, Luke Hammill, Gayatri Kaul, Sammea Kamal, Karuna Kumar, Cherlynn Low (excused), Mark Lungariello, Bethan McKernan, Elizabeth Murray, Nicholas Niarchos, MaryAlice Parks, Kimberly Reyes, Edric Robinson, Kendall Rodriguez, Isheta Salgaocar, Um-e Kulsoom Shariff, Tenzin Shakya, Philip Stephenson, Kenny Suleimanagich, Tanay Warerkar, Annaliese Wiederspahn.

1. Meetings this semester will be held, in general, every other Sunday. As needed, Kim will also hold individual meetings with people working on certain projects.

2. Speakers—We already have some big names who have agreed to speak to us this semester—Sanjay Gupta, Anderson Cooper, Steve McCurry, Bill Keller, Mark Little (CEO of Storyful). We will also try to get more speakers who aren’t necessarily high-profile names, but people just a few steps ahead of us in the career process who can give us insight on our next steps. We should also consider bringing our student mentors here if they are willing, and reps from Career Fair companies we’re interested in. Other ideas—panel of fashion journalists, tech-specific talks. Let Sana know if you have ideas.

3. Yearbook—Dhiya and Cherlynn have designed the layout and are now waiting on the samples. Over half the student body has gotten their yearbook photos. More photo sessions will be announced soon. We’ll ideally start selling copies by mid-April.

4. Centennial—Stuart and the centennial committee are working on their goal of interviewing everyone in our class as well as alumni. The focus will be on celebrating the J-school experience. Interviews will go on Centennial website. Planning for Centennial Dinners is underway—there will be 4, and each will bring together 6-8 students along with alumni and faculty. We’re asking alumni to host at their homes. Signup for students will be first come-first served. Centennial committee will need more help as the semester goes on, especially with the interviews (interviews are both video and written).

5. Newswire-Mike Hoyt’s editing class has offered to edit the stories. Got a poor response from the readers last time, but will continue trying this semester. Keith will set a new due date for the next batch of stories. Could potentially work with Columbia News Service.

6. Student Life—Adam Golub has agreed to offer yoga classes twice a week. We’ll charge $3-$5 and he’ll get to keep the money. Good room could be the 801 lab.

7. Events—Sanjana is planning a back-to-school party for next Saturday, Feb. 2. We’ll also have a Super Bowl viewing party next Sunday, Feb. 3 in Stabile with snacks and pizza. Other ideas—Happy Hours each week, graduation party the last weekend of school.

8. Community Service—Joy of Giving Week had a poor response last semester—participants were mainly Mansi and her committee. Big fundraisers could work better-inter-concentration basketball tournament, 5K. April 6 is Columbia Community Outreach day, and we could create a J-school team.

9. Website—David is trying to get more content up on the site and is looking for a team of bloggers. Content should relate to J-school student life. He’ll get the new design up within the next week.

10. We’ll lose our status as a Student SPJ chapter if we don’t get 4-5 members of the exec board (Kim, Harman, and anyone else who holds a position) to join. Student price is $42.50. If we join now we’ll get the student price for the next 2 years. Membership comes with a number of networking benefits, access to exclusive job postings, etc.

11. We’ll have another town hall meeting this semester with Deans Lemann, Grueskin and Sotomayor.


Meeting Minutes – November 30, 2012

1. Lucille’s Ball: Saturday, Dec. 8—Formal Ball at Hudson Terrace, on 46th St. between 11th and 12th Ave. 10:30p-3a. Wear the most formal clothes you have. Tickets will be $25/per person, and tickets will be on sale from Dec. 3-7. We had to pay $2000 up front for the venue—they provide a DJ, food, and open bar (beer and wine) from 11p-1a. Professors will also be invited.

2. Ticket Sale signups:
Tuesday 11-1: Sana, Isheta, Nick
Wednesday 12-2: Mansi, Mustafa
Thursday 12-2: Brian
Thursday 4-6: Dhyia and Magdalene
Friday lunch break: Dhiya, Magdalene, Colleen

3. Gayatri will work get Facebook pics of the class together by Wednesday so we can project them on an LED screen on Saturday night. Matt will look into doing a photo booth.

4. Roast/Talent Show: Tuesday, Dec. 11–All RW1 classes except Bruder’s class are submitting a video or doing a live skit for the roast. Each video or live skit has a 2min limit. Turn in videos by Tues. Dec. 4 6:30-8:30: Program. 8:30-9:15: Reception. Dress nicer than you would for school.

5. The SPJ videos will be “Sh*t Broadcast Students Say, Sh*t Print Students Say, Sh*t DM Students Say, Sh*t MA Students Say and a “gossip” video making fun of students in the class. After the program, we’ll do a flash mob to the song “Dog Days are Over” and play “Gangnam Style” at the very end. We started shooting videos at Friday’s meeting.