Midterm Blues: Minutes, 10/14

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SPJ Minutes
Oct. 14, 2011

Present: All board members except those listed below.
Absent: John-Carlos Estrada (excused), Ali Hussain (excused), Sergey Gordeev (excused), Ravi Kumar (excused), Jasmeet Sidhu (excused), Purvi Thacker (excused), Andrew Katz, Elaisha Stokes, Hunter Smith, Ines Novacic, Kristen Brown, Lambert Mbom, Mark Lungariello, Nitya Rajan, Paul Cronin, Philip Stephenson, Sean Easter


1. Jake calls meeting to order.

2. Committee updates:

Events: Still arranging the Halloween Party. Date is Oct. 28 unless we can’t find a venue. We will charge 5 or 10 dollars at the door and have prizes.

Speakers: “Three faces of Amanda Knox” went well, drew about 30 people. Working on a debate about social media. Send your suggestions to Cassie.

Community: Schools really enjoyed the journalism lessons. Hope to arrange them more often, because more J-school students are interested. Also, we plan to encourage RW1 classes to send care packages to Scooby’s troop and adopt kids at Christmas. Canned food drive at Thanksgiving?

Academic: We can do a full-color, 80-page yearbook for $20 to $25 dollars each. Minimum order is 150 books. Pre-sale, $20. Regular price, $25.

Swag: The sweatshirts need to appeal to alumni, so we have to be sure our final choice reflects that. Bake sale on Tuesday.

Centennial: CUJ is commissioning a video to celebrate the centennial. We each put down the name of an influential person we would like to see included. The video will also include alumni and five current students.

Student life: RW1 trivia on Oct. 27, Stabile Center, 6-8pm. Hope to sell snacks as well. Also organizing a live broadcast tour of Democracy Now. Travis volunteered to lead it.

Film: Bombay Beach was a success.

3. Jake asks each committee to make sure they plan ahead for their events.

4. If you have ideas for a big project — so that our class can leave a legacy — talk to Jake.

5. Executive committee will start meeting once a week.

5. Meeting concluded.

Minutes submitted by the secretary.[/toggle]