Dec. 2nd Minutes (don’t believe everything you read)

December 2, 2011, 5:20 p.m.
In attendance: Jake Heller, Mohammed Ademo, Purvi Thacker, Cassie Harvey, Elaisha Stokes, Lina Zeldovich, Annie Bergeron-Oliver, Andrew Katz, Bianca Consunji, Jasmeet Sindhu, Janet Upadhye, Nigel Chiwaya, Sean Easter, Sasha Schwendenwein, Jillian Sederholm, Russ Finkelstein, Ravi Kumar, Lindsay Minerva, Keldy Ortiz, Lambert Mbom, Travis Irvine, Nathan Vickers

Lucille’s Ball
Lucille’s ball is fast approaching. It’s really important to get everything in order right now.
The photo booth is organized, but we need a logo for the booth. Nigel will draft some designs (some variation of CUJ12 with the crown.) A few people have volunteered for decorations, and Bianca will be in charge of decorations. We still need more volunteers. The budget for decorations is $300-$400.
Raisa and Purvi will have a program ready by Sunday.
There are 9 RW1 classes that have signed up for roasts. They have to be up to 2.5 minutes. We need them by Friday, December 9 and we won’t accept them afterwards. RW1 students need to tell their professors that they’re being roasted.
There will be a tech run through either on Sunday December 12 or Monday, December 13.
Cleanup: We have nothing to do with cleanup except removing the photo booth and the decorations.
Promotion: We can start promoting the event on Monday, December 5. The event is December 13 at 6:30pm.
Guests: Everyone is allowed a plus 1, but make sure they carry their IDs. It’s $10 for guests to attend.
DJ: Russ’s DJ is willing to work for $200, but a P.A. would make it cost a lot more. The issue is that the DJ’s PA and the PA that everyone else needs to use might not be the same. Craig says we can do special things with lights to make it look nice.

Committee Updates
Speakers: Cassie’s been unable to connect with Sree for Spring prep date, but She’s taking ideas for Spring Prep Day speakers. Fareed Zakaria is a popular choice.
Film: Met with Reactive Films to discuss upcoming meetings: A civil rights film (with Harry Belafonte) for Black History Month and a Lucy Walker film (the Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom) for March. Lucy Walker might be willing to sit in for a panel because the film is 45 minutes. We might have to start a Reactive Film chapter. There is a third film, Misrepresentation, which would require a $150 screening fee.
Russ: Coming to America will be playing on Tuesday night in Stabile.
Swag: Sweatshirts will arrive on Tuesday, December 6. Raisa needs help giving them out. Look out for emails. We can give out the sweatshirts at the movie Tuesday night.
Student Life: The hard drive labeling campaign is the only thing left this semester. During winter break there will be a trip to the Anderson Cooper show on January 11 from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. for a group of up to 50 people. There will also be at least two museum tours. Look for one event a week during the winter.

We should redesign the J-school press badge; the NYPD doesn’t respect them. We want something bigger, vertical, with bigger photos and that isn’t laminated. Nigel will draft a new design. We should reach out to CUNY and NYU about creating a unified J-school press badge.

Social Media Debate: The debate has been pushed back to Friday, December 16 because there’s no other date available. We’re trying to reach out other people and see if someone can come and cover the event. Someone will create a Storify about the event, and we’ll create a hub for the debate on the SPJ website. The hashtag of the event is #cujsmd. We want to make this a major event in the history of the J-school. The motion of the debate is “The boss can control what you do on social media: yes or no?”
Meeting is adjourned at 6:15[/toggle]

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Lucille’s Ball: Minutes, 11/4

Lucille’s Ball is just around the corner –– what more is there to say?

[toggle title_open=”Hide” title_closed=”Click here to read the text of this week’s minutes” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”]SPJ Minutes
Nov. 4, 2011

Present: All except those listed below.
Absent: Maria Schwendenwein (excused), Sergey Gordeev (excused), Annie Bergeron-Oliver (excused), Ali Hussain, Carl Lewis, Hunter Smith, Ines Novacic, Jasmeet Sidhu, Kristen Brown, Lambert Mbom, Marc Lungariello, Nathan Vickers, Nitja Rajan, Paul Cronin, Philip Stephenson.


1. Jake calls meeting to order.

2. Sree presents the faculty’s ideas for CUJ guidelines on social media. The school is leaning toward making classes generally social media-free, and lectures open to social media, though with the understanding that speakers will not speak as openly as they would in absence of social media.

3. Committee updates:

Events: Please spread the word about the variety show for Lucille’s Ball. We need to ask Rebecca exactly how much money the deans are contributing. Do we want a theme for the ball? The Friday after Thanksgiving is Travis and Yumna’s next comedy show. We will promote it and collect part of the profits.

Community: Working on offering CUJ tours to high school students and preparing to hold a food drive.

Speakers: There is an all-day speakers event in January, and we need to start thinking about speakers.

Film: Will be screening Sun Come Up, a documentary on environmental refugees.

Swag: To raise money, Sean suggested a random task auction. Everyone who needs reimbursements for SPJ costs, please handle this with Raisa as soon as possible.

Student life: The water boiler is downstairs now, so maybe we can sell ramen, hot chocolate and tea. Jillian will soon distribute the “I did the deed” cards. Nov. 18 is trivia night.

Academic: Is holding open hours every week to gather student feedback. Yearbook photos start next week.

Minutes submitted by the secretary.[/toggle]

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Diwali: Minutes, 10/28

A Diwali-themed presentation of this week’s SPJ minutes.

Oct. 28, 2011

Present: Jillian Sederholm, Jake Heller, John-Carlos Estrada, Sabrina Buckwalter, Nigel Chiwaya, Ravi Kumar, Cassie Harvey, Mohammed Ademo, Ben Hancock, Sean Easter, Keldy Ortiz, Nathan Vickers, Andrew Katz, Bianca Consunji, Raisa Zaidi, Celia Llopis-Jepsen.
Absent: Purvi Thacker (excused), Sasha Maria Schwendenwein (excused), Lina Zeldovich (excused), Janet Upadhye (excused), Khadijah Carter (excused). Everyone else (unexcused).


1. Jake calls meeting to order.

2. Committee updates:

Events & speakers: The social media debate is underway! Invitations are going out this weekend. Next, SPJ needs to make arrangements for Lucille’s Ball. (Can we improve the sound system or resolve the seating situation?) Travis and Yumna are organizing another comedy event the day after Thanksgiving. SPJ will promote the event and share the proceeds.

Part-time: John-Carlos has arranged an event for part-time students to hang out with the deans.

Swag: We’ve added the years “1912-2012” to the sweatshirts. Sweatshirts go on sale this week. Carl will put it on the website.

Website: We need admin permission to make improvements to the site!

Centennial: Bianca submitted our wish list of names for the centennial documentary.

Student life: Our class trivia event is coming up soon (date to be announced). The hot water dispenser is on the way. Jillian has arranged for Stressbusters to offer free massages. Democracy Now tour: No one has signed up yet. “Do the Deed”: Student life will be distributing cards encouraging people to do good deeds.

3. SPJ’s big project: Some ideas we have now are a LEEDs-like certification system or a temporary professorship for journalists at risk in other countries. Please, everyone, share your ideas!

4. Executive committee, please attend the meeting on Tuesday.

Minutes submitted by the secretary.