The Weinstein Effect: Sexual Harassment and the News Media

Since the Harvey Weinstein story broke, the news cycle has been awash with stories of sexual harassment and a new moment of reckoning. The #MeToo movement has launched a shift in the way newsrooms handle their own allegations and how women report their stories to the press.

The panel had three exceptional journalists who have broken some of the most high profile cases. They dissected how these stories were reported and what this moment means for journalism.


SPJ Minutes March 6, 2012

SPJ minutes
6 March 2012

Present: All board members except those listed below. JT Thomas, MA student, also attended.
Absent: Sasha Schwendenwein (exc), Nigel Chiwaya (exc), Jillian Sederholm (exc), Lindsay Minerva (exc), Travis Irvine (exc), Alex Contratto, Ali Hussain, Ben Hancock, Carl Lewis, Elaisha Stokes, Hunter Smith, Ines Novacic, Janet Upadhye, Jasmeet Sidhu, John-Carlos Estrada, Khadijah Carter, Kristen Brown, Lina Zeldovich, Mark Lungariello, Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato, Nathan Vickers, Nitya Rajan, Paul Cronin, Phil Stephenson, Purvi Thacker, Raisa Zaidi, Ravi Kumar, Russ Finkelstein, Sabrina Buckwalter, Sean Easter, Sergey Gordeev, Trinna Leong

1. Committee updates:

Academic: We have 132 yearbook photos so far. 21 people have paid 20 dollars each for the yearbook. Yearbook photos week after spring break. We are halfway through the MS students, but almost no MA students. We need 2,600 dollars and only have 400. Can we set up a box in Sree or Melanie’s office, and people can go in and pay? Potentially take photos at the end of career day?
Centennial: As of now, everyone can go to the celebration. You have to sign up, but there’s no limit. We’ve submitted logos to Rebecca. For the April 20th kickoff at 4pm in the lecture hall, three SPJ people will sit up front: Damee, Bianca and Jillian.
Speakers, events: Africa panel — Damee spoke to Anne Cooper. We’ve set invitations and are sending them out this week. Aiming for second week of April. Have also been in touch with Gothamist writer, plus, there’s a Russian journalist who may come talk on April 2. Editor of Intelligent Life mag, will come in April.
Fundraising: Tank tops from American Apparel. Need to pick shirt colors. Options: 4 colors. We can order extra sweaters, but will cost 10 dollars more. Is it possible to get men’s and women’s models for shirts? Silent Sree: First week of April. Money will go to next year’s class.

2. Newswire: Will launch after the holidays. Professors have been really helpful in putting together a selection committee. (Celia: Ask Duy about vetting digital submissions.) Selection committee will pick 10 stories every two weeks. We’re looking for feature stories. Committee will divide up submissions, rank them and meet once every two weeks to discuss the picks. Three students plus faculty (6 to 8 people total). Will get off the ground after the break.

3. MA student JT Thomas attended the meeting and asked whether SPJ would be interested in hosting social dialog events related to Rio + 20 at CUJ. SPJ was interested, but felt the date was too problematic. (Same day as job fair.)

4. Lambert said there will be a regional SPJ meeting in NY. He will forward the information. Also suggested we should connect more with SPJ chapters at other J-Schools in NY. (For example arrange evenings where members can get to know each other.)

5. Need to send a representative to regional conference over the summer. Also, CUJ’s chapter of SPJ didn’t file an annual report last year, which is problematic. We have to do three programs per year that meet national SPJ criteria, so we need to check whether we’ve filled the criteria.

6. Irena Choi Stern is looking for people to give tours to alumni over the weekend. Two volunteers for each day, weekend of April 20th. Email Jake if interested.[/toggle]

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