Veteran’s Day Meeting Minutes

SPJ minutes
11 Nov. 2011

Present: All members except those listed below.
Absent: Ravi Kumar (excused), Cassie Harvey (excused), Janet Upadhye (excused), Sergey Gordeev (excused), Andrew Katz (excused), Benjamin Hancock (excused), Colin Daileda (excused), John-Carlos Estrada (excused), Carl Lewis, Elaisha Stokes, Hunter Smith, Ines Novacic, Jasmeet Sidhu, Khadijah Carter, Kristen Brown, Lina Zeldovich, Lindsay Minerva, Mark Lungariello, Nitya Rajan, Paul Cronin, Phil Stephenson, Purvi Thacker, Sabrina Buckwalter.

1. Damee calls meeting to order.

2. Committee updates:

Community: Will meet with Elizabeth Fishman about the News Literacy Project for high school students. Care packages for troops: Rolling deadline. We will start a food drive after Thanksgiving and do gift donations for needy children in December through churches.

Website: Has been redone and is ready for content! It now supports Vimeo. We also have a new Facebook page.

Student life: The backrub event went well and Stress Busters may come back next semester. Trivia night is next Friday and professors are supplying the questions. Want to arrange a bake sale for that night. Democracy Now tour was great.

Academic: First photo day went well, got photos of 20 people. We will post reminders on Facebook.

Speakers: Social media debate fell through because most speakers declined. Instead, let’s organize a debate of the school’s social media policy. Russ, Nathan, Raisa, Trinna, Sean, Annie, Jillian and Damee will work on it. Faculty voted on the guidelines yesterday. The guidelines will be included in the ethical contract that incoming students sign.

Events: Purvi has the budget for Lucille’s Ball and will discuss it next week. SPJ needs to decide on the kind of music. Volunteers are lined up. Please ask your RW1 classes whether they’d like to roast their profs for 2 to 3 minutes.

Swag: We have sold $880 worth of sweatshirts so far. SPJ will give a gift to Christina next Friday. Will ask Janet to resend announcement about sweatshirts.

Film: Trying to find a good date for the next event. Elaisha is in touch with Jennifer Redfern (Sun Come Up).

3. Newswire: Jake suggested creating a CUJ newswire with the top 10 CUJ stories every week. The newswire would be free the first year, and could be a way to help international students publish in the US. A committee of students and faculty would choose the week’s top stories.

4. Meeting adjourned.[/toggle]

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