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Meeting Notes – October 3, 2014

SPJ Meeting October 3, 2014 Facilitator: Justin/Rebecca Note-taker: Eryn Mathewson Present: Tyler Daniels, Justin Mortan, Sahiba Chawdhary, Jen Moon, Kevin Townsend, Vallari Gupte, Alistair Gardiner, Daniela Porat, Christine Chung, Hezi Jiang, Marcus Howard, Meridith McGraw, M. Chad Shank, Eryn Mathewson, Darcy Culter, Anne Most, George Stepto, Kay Nguyen, Samantha Miles, Renee Wunderlich, Lauren Hard, Marianella


Meeting minutes – October 18, 2013

Professional Org Liaisons –       Reached out to liaisons from last year –       Want to talk to students to see what organizations they want the liaisons to reach out to. –       Working on template email to send out to organizations to see how we can get involved –       Indrani will be the official Deadline Club liaison


Meeting minutes – October 11, 2013

Updates from committees and board members:   Professional Groups Liaisons Have a list of 100+ orgs. Will break down to top 50ish, looking at which are accessible/have members in NYC.   Film/Doc Coordinators Goals for the year: –       Collaboration with other groups –       Student work –       Getting some film/doc content onto SPJ website. Events: –