SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Seven

The Official CJS Crew NeckGeneral notes

We have almost $2,000 from the SPJ ’18 merchandise! (But we do need more) — tell your friends to buy!

Have to wait for spring class schedules to come out to announce spring events


Lucille’s Ball contract is almost done! We have a photo booth, DJ and it will take place on the rooftop of Hudson Terrace Dec. 2, 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Roast and Toast will PROBABLY be a separate (Dec. 12, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.) event in the Lecture Hall

filmFilm screening will MAYBE be Nov. 20 at Staible

Next speaker event Nov. 20, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m., will be a workshop

Nov. 16 Hall of Fame event at Sardi’s on W 44th St, free for volunteers

Possible professor roundtables in December


Nicole will share the agenda so everyone can have it

Email Davi if interested in tabling for sweatshirts on 11/15 (Wed.) or the morning of 11/16 (Thurs.)

ALWAYS communicate your events with Michael for the calendar

Davi will create a Google calendar for all SPJ events

Positions and Committees

Inter-school governing board rep (Angelica) will send out a Google form to get feedback on what the J school needs from other schools — so fill it out!

Community service chair (Steph) is organizing at Nov. 18 event at Dream Center NYC, 22 spots for four-hour shift

Also, community service, Food Bank of NYC needs boxes unloaded Dec. 11

Steph should email Tulika about #lunchbag

Sarah has only four responses from her survey, so KEEP THEM COMING

Tulika is in touch with Bruce Shapiro about conflict training

For future

Nothing for this week! See you next week 🙂


SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Five

General notes

Do we want to do an MS/MA buddy system to workshop CVs, pitches?

CJS does a pitching workshop in the spring

Deans are moving up spring safety conversation to now

Sweatshirts will be crewneck with plain design, to sell for $40 at $15 profit


Possible off-campus puppy event? Details to come

Future open lecture with Prof. Cobb, more details to come from Davi

Possible MS/MA gathering?

Collab with Women In Media group to do a self defense class, possibly work with Bruce Shapiro

Lucille’s Ball will be $15,000-$25,000, so we have to get on that sweatshirt thing!

Davi will contact her church about apple picking details, $10 per person (including busses)

Halloween (gets its own tab this week because it’s so close!)

Madame XVenue approved for Halloween! Lounge, bar @ 8 p.m. on 10/28 at Madame X in Greenwich

Tickets $5, $10 at the door

Rotation system for taking tickets at the door, everyone has a 15-ish minute shift

FB event and posters to go out REALLY soon

Amanda will make a Google doc to sell the tickets, so please sign up when you can!

EVERYONE SHOULD DRESS UP! (Are we still doing a costume contest?)

Possibly selling LED lights and other things with the tickets


Will be posting survey to Slack to get more hits

Email Nicole (nicole.barnard@columbia.edu) with any agenda items by 5 p.m. on Monday

Positions and Committees

Speaker series first event was a success!

Community service is talking to a former rep about going into a high school, teaching journalism

Christmas - aaron-burden-161807Tulika has a connection at #lunchbag, will give to Steph

Candy Grams may be too much — might plan to do around Christmas (will need volunteers then)

Academics is waiting for the final survey (November, when students are less stressed)

Speakers, academics to do brown bags monthly

Andrew will send Rebecca the speaker dates so she can book rooms

People are welcome to join committees at any time

Student life and speaker committees need more members

For future

Sarah will share her committee’s updates next week

Will from now on be adding agenda items to emails

Next week we will NOT have a meeting since we have a long weekend



SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Four

General notes

Tulika led the meeting and did a great job!


Alexandra has a million cushions if we need them

Project doing short profile videos of professors in progress

Could we record professor roundtables?

Lucille’s Ball should have a skit on all the conflicting info we get at the J school

Can we get mugs???


First speaker event will be 10/16 in Stabile Center — military corruption and journalistic transparency (keep an eye out for flyers)

Wall Street Journal Goes On Sale In London For The First Time10/20 will be the first film viewing in Stabile (bring cozy things!) — committee will release a poll with three-ish choices

Business school partnership on 10/26 — Wall Street Journal editor to speak at the other school

Halloween venue nixed, so maybe we can have it at Skyroom? Event will likely be 10/28

Need volunteers for upcoming Halloween candy sale

Maybe a future movie marathon?

Potential future pitching workshop with Howard French (short form) and/or Dale Maharidge (long form)


Please reach out to any and all affinity groups to do collabs!

Positions and Committees

Stephanie and Andrew (speakers) have sent out the survey! Results will filmappear next week in a spreadsheet

Amanda and Jordan (film) checked out some films

No update from community service right now — all ideas welcome

Tulika (academics) will help speakers with professor roundtables

Kelsie is creating a design for shirts, will have students vote on crewnecks and hoodies

Sarah (university life) is meeting with the administrative VP next week to talk about connecting with other organizations, departments

For future

Next week, Davi will talk about her meeting with career services