SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Four

General notes

Tulika led the meeting and did a great job!


Alexandra has a million cushions if we need them

Project doing short profile videos of professors in progress

Could we record professor roundtables?

Lucille’s Ball should have a skit on all the conflicting info we get at the J school

Can we get mugs???


First speaker event will be 10/16 in Stabile Center — military corruption and journalistic transparency (keep an eye out for flyers)

Wall Street Journal Goes On Sale In London For The First Time10/20 will be the first film viewing in Stabile (bring cozy things!) — committee will release a poll with three-ish choices

Business school partnership on 10/26 — Wall Street Journal editor to speak at the other school

Halloween venue nixed, so maybe we can have it at Skyroom? Event will likely be 10/28

Need volunteers for upcoming Halloween candy sale

Maybe a future movie marathon?

Potential future pitching workshop with Howard French (short form) and/or Dale Maharidge (long form)


Please reach out to any and all affinity groups to do collabs!

Positions and Committees

Stephanie and Andrew (speakers) have sent out the survey! Results will filmappear next week in a spreadsheet

Amanda and Jordan (film) checked out some films

No update from community service right now — all ideas welcome

Tulika (academics) will help speakers with professor roundtables

Kelsie is creating a design for shirts, will have students vote on crewnecks and hoodies

Sarah (university life) is meeting with the administrative VP next week to talk about connecting with other organizations, departments

For future

Next week, Davi will talk about her meeting with career services


SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Three

General notes

NYTimes DigitalOur meetings will always be in room 601B at 5:15 on Tuesdays

Meetings are weekly for the fall

Working on NYT digital subscriptions for the student body

Kim Crenshaw might be someone we get to talk about language in journalism

We’d love to hear about spring classes before spring

Juliana is great and can make flyers! Also, if she’s busy, Davi has a website


10/22 at 12 p.m.: required sexual assault training for all members of SPJ (talk to Melanie now if you cannot be there)

Halloween needs a venue — will be 10/21 or 10/28

Amanda is working on Halloween candy grams, maybe sell Halloween Halloween costumes tickets ($10-$15) at the same time

We will be having a costume contest at the party, but also maybe one at school?

10/9: journalism talk with Afghan gov’t person (talk to Stephanie or Andrew for more info)

Possible brown bag lunches with professors (Cobb available November) — collaboration between Roey and the speaker group

Pitching workshop, maybe?

Possible hiking trip — bus ($24) from port authority, 8-ish hours


If you are not getting the emails, please inform Davi ASAP

Positions and Committees

Speaker chair will share the official calendar with everyone

Talk to Kasiana to be involved in the tech committee, talk to deans about tech at CJS, develop Qs for survey

Stephanie is currently looking for long-term service projects (we now have a connection with the ASPCA!)

Share anything you want on the web with Michael

For future


Davi will talk about her meeting with Julie next week (about careers)


SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Two

General notes

Make sure to copy Rebecca on ALL SPJ-related communications


Ideas: a form for speakers that the students can vote on (at least one question for each committee, 10 total

Rebecca can send us the contacts for people who used to do our positions (and we will figure out a better system for this in the future)

Reach out to Rebecca with any complaints from the student body


There is no alcohol AT ALL for other groups, but SPJ is for all students, so we can still be in places that serve drinks

Photo by Julia Raasch on UnsplashReminder to change the phrase “happy hour” to “social hour”

FRIDAY we have a tabling event from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Halloween party LIKELY Oct. 21, currently place-hunting

Idea for future event: speaker panels with speakers from news orgs with different ideologies

Events should be a mix of big names and networking opportunities, possibly people who work at smaller newspapers, radio, broadcast, reporting, etc., maybe professor events

ALL SPEAKERS should be on the record

Should we screen questions before speaker events?


Davi will send out the contact info for columbiaspj@gmail.com for use of the shared Google drive space

Contact Rebecca (with a fleshed-out email!) to send all-campus emails

Positions and Committees

Treasurer keeps reimbursement forms

Madeline and Matthew are our new chapter affairs liaisons

Send emails to the secretary with your schedules before Friday at 5 p.m.

Andrew will be our sustainable network event rep for the J school

Send all events to the social media coordinator so he can post them

The academic committee already has part-time MS students ready to volunteer

VP will develop a happiness survey

The committees should talk about what their missions are

Email the secretary if you have to miss a meeting (more than three meetings unaccounted for and you’re off the board)

For future

Next Tuesday’s meeting will be a committee meeting