SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week Two

General notes

Make sure to copy Rebecca on ALL SPJ-related communications


Ideas: a form for speakers that the students can vote on (at least one question for each committee, 10 total

Rebecca can send us the contacts for people who used to do our positions (and we will figure out a better system for this in the future)

Reach out to Rebecca with any complaints from the student body


There is no alcohol AT ALL for other groups, but SPJ is for all students, so we can still be in places that serve drinks

Photo by Julia Raasch on UnsplashReminder to change the phrase “happy hour” to “social hour”

FRIDAY we have a tabling event from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Halloween party LIKELY Oct. 21, currently place-hunting

Idea for future event: speaker panels with speakers from news orgs with different ideologies

Events should be a mix of big names and networking opportunities, possibly people who work at smaller newspapers, radio, broadcast, reporting, etc., maybe professor events

ALL SPEAKERS should be on the record

Should we screen questions before speaker events?


Davi will send out the contact info for columbiaspj@gmail.com for use of the shared Google drive space

Contact Rebecca (with a fleshed-out email!) to send all-campus emails

Positions and Committees

Treasurer keeps reimbursement forms

Madeline and Matthew are our new chapter affairs liaisons

Send emails to the secretary with your schedules before Friday at 5 p.m.

Andrew will be our sustainable network event rep for the J school

Send all events to the social media coordinator so he can post them

The academic committee already has part-time MS students ready to volunteer

VP will develop a happiness survey

The committees should talk about what their missions are

Email the secretary if you have to miss a meeting (more than three meetings unaccounted for and you’re off the board)

For future

Next Tuesday’s meeting will be a committee meeting


SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week One

General Notes

SPJ_logoSome possible ideas: book club, helping students with post-grad jobs and internships, off-campus events, increase awareness of what SPJ does, partnering with outside organizations, getting campus-wide NYT subscriptions

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Currently, we have $500 and will fundraise starting in October (mostly sweatshirts)

We need to really pre-plan in Nov., Dec. if we want to do things second semester

We will have one meeting a week first semester, one every other-week second semester

Meetings this semester will be Tuesdays from 5:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.


No alcohol in the building

All events must be ADA compliant

NEVER pay for speakers unless we team up with another group (and then they pay)

The first BIG event is Halloween

Lucille’s Ball is a variety show, Dec. 12

Actual ball is about $15,000, sell tickets for $25

Should have speakers once every month starting Nov., a film every other month

Recruitment event next Friday for committees

Past events: candy grams, etc.


Major communication will be via email: spj-board@lists.jrn.columbia.edu

Website: spj.jrn.columbia.edu (selling all the SWAG)

Do we want to use Slack?


General board members are an important connection with the student body

Secretary arranges the meetings

Publicity director manages the Facebook page

Treasurer handles the fundraising, is actually the SWAG master

VP needs to arrange for the dean to talk to SPJ once a semester

Committees are: academic, community service, events, film/doc, speakers, student life, and SWAG

Chapter liaison needs to be filled

For the Future

We need a Lucille’s Ball chair for the next meeting

Spring -> class T-shirts


Meeting Notes – October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014


SPJ Meeting


Facilitator: Justin Morton


Note-taker: Lauren Hard


Present: attendance not taken



Action Items:


Next Week’s Meeting: Meeting with Dean of Student Affairs


Board members must sell five tickets each for Halloween Party


Columbia SPJ Twitter login information?





  1. Halloween Party update (Marianella)
  2. Film Screenings
  • Vice President’s Announcements (Sahiba)
  1. Sweatshirts!
  2. Lucille’s Ball


  1. Halloween Party update (Marianella)


Plans solidified with Solas, located at: 232 E 9th Street on November 1st.

Specials will run from 9pm – 11pm, $5 beers and well drinks

$8 in advance, $10 at the door, for both JSchoolers and non JSchoolers

Make sure students tip!


Room upstairs and bartenders designated for us, DJ will be on floor below


Reduced prices on drinks will only be on our floor


Board members will be selling plastic wristbands, either for $6 or $8 in Stabile this week.


Save The Date notices can be sent out as of today


Logistics for wristbands not finalized – students may buy them at Stabile and bring them to the event, or be put on a list (shared google doc) at Stabile, receive the actual band at the venue.

We currently have $500 to work with, need to work up from there.


If you dress up, you are put into the contest, $50 will be given as a prize (2 winners, $25 each)


Vallari expressed interest in making flyers to promote the event, needed assistance with design.


Online version of the flyer will have color, printed version will be black and white.


Twitter account can be utilized for promotion, but need access to login first.



  1. Film Screenings


– Some JSchool students will be attending a screening of ‘Citizenfour,’ a movie on Snowden at IFC.

– Nightcrawler will be presented 10/30, as per Rebecca’s post on the class Facebook page:


SPJ Film Committee invites you to attend a SNEEK PREVIEW screening of and conversation about NIGHTCRAWLER, Thursday, October 30th Screening begins at 6:00 p.m. Discussion at 8 p.m. Lecture Hall, 3rd floor

– ‘Paris Burning’ screening is planned in a few weeks, but no date finalized/set at this point.



  • Vice President’s Announcements (Sahiba)


MA Concerns: MS Audience Engagement/teaches you how to build a website, MA students don’t have an equivalent.


Academic Affairs/Stationery/Staplers issues

Justin met regarding supplies not being available for students in rooms, especially since Master’s Projects are kicking into high gear very soon.


Computer student ratio is bad, since there are 113 computers and 399 students.

Computer labs double as classrooms

Solution – more computer labs?

Don’t make it so there are classes in computer labs that don’t use computers


Justin will be meeting with Dean Huff on Tuesday, 10/28 to discuss computer room supplies/stationary.


  1. Sweatshirts! (Justin)

Person who designed the logo is concerned about changing the bolded/non-bolded look so the fonts match

Tyler still has to speak to the designer about the shirt she created, asking to make the fonts match.

Hoodies and crew necks will be sold this year to cater to alumni and students.



  1. Lucille’s Ball


Roast/Toast in Lecture Hall – Tues December 9 7:30pm

Dance – Saturday December 6th? – location TBA