Author: Bernat Ivancsics

Lucille’s Ball 2015 (SALE OVER!)

  Guess what J-school… It’s time for LUCILLE’S BALL!! Get excited Columbia J-school because you are in for an amazing evening you won’t forget! The Ball will be held at Toshi’s Penthouse, which is part of the Flatiron Hotel. Lucille’s Ball will run from 7pm-1am on December 12th, and you MUST be in the venue


J-School Sweatshirt SALE!

  This year’s official sweatshirts are here! Since Columbia’s bookstore doesn’t sell official J-School merchandise, this is your chance to grab one of these to wear in and around J-school, or to buy as presents for family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can only pre-order them until the 4th of December and they


Halloween Party 2015

  Dear Jschool community! Welcome to our first SPJ-party! There are many more to come. Many of you have asked why we ask you to pay for the tickets. Firstly, SPJ booked the place beforehand so that we would have our own space to party in. Secondly, SPJ works from a very limited budget and