SPJ Meeting Minutes: Week One

General Notes

SPJ_logoSome possible ideas: book club, helping students with post-grad jobs and internships, off-campus events, increase awareness of what SPJ does, partnering with outside organizations, getting campus-wide NYT subscriptions

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Currently, we have $500 and will fundraise starting in October (mostly sweatshirts)

We need to really pre-plan in Nov., Dec. if we want to do things second semester

We will have one meeting a week first semester, one every other-week second semester

Meetings this semester will be Tuesdays from 5:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.


No alcohol in the building

All events must be ADA compliant

NEVER pay for speakers unless we team up with another group (and then they pay)

The first BIG event is Halloween

Lucille’s Ball is a variety show, Dec. 12

Actual ball is about $15,000, sell tickets for $25

Should have speakers once every month starting Nov., a film every other month

Recruitment event next Friday for committees

Past events: candy grams, etc.


Major communication will be via email: spj-board@lists.jrn.columbia.edu

Website: spj.jrn.columbia.edu (selling all the SWAG)

Do we want to use Slack?


General board members are an important connection with the student body

Secretary arranges the meetings

Publicity director manages the Facebook page

Treasurer handles the fundraising, is actually the SWAG master

VP needs to arrange for the dean to talk to SPJ once a semester

Committees are: academic, community service, events, film/doc, speakers, student life, and SWAG

Chapter liaison needs to be filled

For the Future

We need a Lucille’s Ball chair for the next meeting

Spring -> class T-shirts


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