SPJ in Spring Pt. 1

There’s been a long silence on the SPJ page, am I right?

Contributing factors:
Master’s Theses
Attempting to land jobs
Crafting masterful articles
Solving existential dilemmas

BUT we have been up to some low-key stuff this semester, giving CJS students a temporary break from these strains. Here’s a few snapshots to show you what we’ve been doing these past few, crazy months.

Tour of the New York Times Printing Press (Queens, NY)

Photo credits: Benjamin Flagg

Alumni/Student Mixer (CJS)

Photo credits: Isabella Gomes

Super Bowl LI Viewing (CJS)

Photo credits: Benjamin Flagg

(This is the moment that the Patriots won and CJS student Brett Amadon knew he had won a bet.)

A few other spring events not pictured:

The Oscar’s viewing party & picks challenge (1st Place – Jake Crouse, 2nd Place – Jason Pham, 3rd Place – Nafisa Masud)

A picnic in Central Park

Post-Career Expo Happy Hour at Bierstrasse in Harlem

And other small events/co-sponsorships


Thanks for keeping up with us. Currently working out some plans for an end-of-the-year event and more.


Stay posted!


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