Who’s ready to dance like nobody’s watching???*

*(Note: a ton of budding journalists are watching and may write a story about your dancing.)

Well, the infamous SPJ tradition, Lucille’s Ball, is happening Saturday, December 10th, at the Attic Rooftop & Lounge (251 W 48th St.).

The party runs from 7 to 11 p.m. and is a semi-formal event (i.e. dress reasonably nice — if you don’t have a suit/fancy dress, you won’t be out of place // however, tuxedo T-shirts result in expulsion from the school).

Fun fact: THE WHOLE PLACE IS OURS FROM 7-11! Feel free to stay later, but after 11 p.m. a bunch of strangers will fill the place.

Tickets are on sale at a fixed rate of $25. When you order your ticket, an email will be sent to you shortly after (within the day or so) confirming that we have received your payment. This email will serve as your ticket to the function, so have your phone with the email or the printed out email handy at the venue!

Don’t miss out — tradition unites us with our history (which, according to the rosters at major news networks, is pretty damn strong). Also, if you don’t come, Trump already has a mean tweet lined up for you:


(Details on the “Roast and Toast” portion to come in the near future.)



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