Meeting Notes – October 17, 2014

SPJ Meeting

Facilitator: Justin Morton

Note-taker: Eryn Mathewson

Present: Lauren Harris, Renee Wunderlich, Eryn Mathewson, Samantha Miles, Theresa Avila, Arielle Dreher, Gregoire Molle, Valerie Edwards, Marcus Howard, Tyler Daniels, Anne Most, Kevin Townsend, Chad Shank, Malena Carollo, Emily Teh, Shloka Kini, Sahiba Chawdhary, Justin Morton


I. Committee Chairs’ Progress Report/Need of Assistance

  1. Vice President’s Announcements (Sahiba)

III. Library Announcements (Lucia Hoffman)

  1. REMINDER: Columbia Giving Day Announcement (Event is on Oct. 29)
  2. Open Discussion/Q&A

Action Items:

Next Meeting: Friday Oct. 24 , 4p-5p

Submit bios to Anne Most ( by Sunday night (10/19). If you need help with a photo – ask Rebecca Castillo to take your picture

If you will be absent or are running late to an SPJ meeting, please contact Justin (917) 405-3429 /

Eryn will be out Friday, Oct 24. Will someone take notes plese?




Community Service

  • Saturday, 10/18 event cancelled. Did not receive enough responses
  • Will coordinate two community service events in November


  • Proposal to have Halloween fundraiser at Solas – bar/lounge. 232 E 9th St #1, New York, NY 10003
  • Solas is enthusiastic about us, will give us our own room, offer us a bartender. Average price for drinks is $7-$8. Hopefully we will be able to negotiate this price down to $5/6, and make at least a $6 profit per person.
  • How will this compare to last year’s event? Their ticket price was $20 – received a 2-drink voucher, $6/drink/person, $8 profit. 150 + people attended
  • Questions – will there be a dj? What should our proposal include? Can we lower the price of drinks per person?
  • Overall consensus – try to avoid a cover charge and negotiate a certain percentage off the bar tab. (i.e we promote a party, so we get a cut of the bar tab. then we wouldn’t have to charge cover.)
  • Event Date/time proposal – Nov. 1 @10p
  • Theresa will get answers to questions, update board, and then get announcements out about the event asap


  • Ideally, we don’t pay for speakers
  • Some speakers ask for us to pay for transportation and lodging costs
  • We could consider a case-by-case basis, but since we don’t pay for other speakers who come to the J School, let’s not start now.
  • Recommendation: continue outreaching to students about speakers they want to hear from
  • Tell students to email Kevin Townsend ( if you know students who have ideas for speakers


  • Will include a sweatshirt order form
  • “Suggestions” field will dumps into an email, and will not post directly onto a site
  • Melanie Huff requested we have a student photo page where students can submit photos from various J School related events
  • Is it necessary to have a visual for students to reference in suggestion box?
  • Should we send an email out to everyone when we solve problems?
  • There will be an “on going projects” tab —> which lists progress made on solving problem and corresponding chair in case students want more details or further action
  • Please send your bio no later than this weekend to Ann –
  • Shout out to Shloka – who is working hard to beautify the website

Outreach to professional journalists and other students

  • Deadline club – working professional version of SPJ. Open to meeting with students and hold panel discussions with established journalists
  • They want to do an event called the “Spring Slice and Dice” resume workshop. Deadline members give tips/edit resumes of students. There will be pizza served. Colin DeVries will host.
  • Also suggested a monthly mixer with other journalism schools in NYC (CUNY and NYU)
  • Are we interested in having mixers with other schools on campus? Law School students get together at a mixer called the “Bar Review”


  • Tyler presented a design – submitted by a non board member
  • Design approved

MA Students

  • No new updates
  • Some students concerned about sweatshirts

Part Time Students

  • 2nd year part timers have mail slots in the basement
  • We need refresher courses. workshops on how to use gear – video, audio, still photo
  1. VICE PRESIDENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Email to Dean of Student Affairs

Various issues that will be included in the email:

  • Lack of staplers, photo skills class, putting up boards outside classrooms, updates to data analysis program, student computer ratio
  • Standardization across the reporting classes?
  • Bombardment with reminder emails about events and to submit evaluations
  • First time part time students feel like an after thought – not enough programming available for students who work full time
  • If you have any other issues, feel free to email them to Sahiba ( )


  • How can Butler Library reach students better?

– If anyone has questions about library events and services, please contact Communications Coordinator is Allison Morrow,




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