Meeting Notes – October 10, 2014

SPJ Meeting

October 10, 2014

Facilitator: Justin Morton

Note-taker: Eryn Mathewson

Present: Eryn Mathewson, Rutaij Devoshrayee, Malena Carollo, Darcy Cutler, Kevin Townsend, Arielle Dreher, Marianella Orlando, Theresa Avila, Alistair Gardiner, Daniela Porat, Valerie Edwards, Justin Morton, Jack Crosbie, Tyler Daniels, Gregoire Molle, Ben Taub, Sahiba Chawdhary

I. Vote on Board Meeting change to Tuesdays

  1. Committee Chair Progress Reports

III. Vice President’s Announcements

  1. Columbia Giving Day Announcement (10/29)
  2. Bios/Photos Reminder
  3. Open Discussion/Q&A

Action Items:

Next Meeting: Friday Oct. 17, 4p-5p

Submit bios to Anne Most ( by Sunday night (10/5). Rebecca can take your photo if you need it

Submit t-shirt and sweatshirt designs. See email with subject “SPJ: Submit a J School sweatshirt design” for instructions

If you will be absent or are running late to an SPJ meeting, please contact Justin (917) 405-3429 /


  1. Tuesday Meeting Vote

Looks like Fridays are busy and some members have class on Tuesday evenings. Justin will send out a Doodle to find out a better meeting time

  1. Committee Chair Progress Report

Community Service Committee

Community service project ideas

  1. Read Ahead – read to kids at a school
  2. NYC Cares – revitalizing public schools. We can volunteer at an event as soon as Sat Oct. 18th. Time TBD. In order to volunteer, everyone must go through an orientation. Committee chair will reach out to see who is interested/available
  3. Pick a Borough-of-the-Month to service each month
  4. Domestic Violence month
  5. J School students mentoring high school students interested in journalism in NYC. **If we work with students, let’s commit to being their consistently or not at all

Film Committee

  • Screening “Weekend” for National Coming Out Day – TOMORROW. Film starts at 7:30p, Sat Oct 11, Stabile Center. About two guys who fall in love
  • Screening Kill the Messenger – Monday Oct 12, RSVP via email, Lecture Hall on 3rd Floor
  • Screening “Night Crawler” – Oct. 30th
  • Committee still working to contact film makers

Events Committee

  • Halloween Party. Will be off campus.
  • Good SPJ fundraiser.
  • Sat, Nov 1 – because we will get better deals from bars and won’t conflict with parties already happening on Friday, Oct. 31
  • We are seeking venues that are: wheel chair accessible, able to accommodate 150 + people, must be available on Nov 1, must be willing to negotiate a discount or promotion
  • Let Theresa know if you have suggestions for venues –

Speakers Committee

  • Reaching out to Women in Media, NABJ (National Assoc of Black Journalists), NLGJA (National Lesbian, Gay Journalist Assoc), NHJ (National Assoc of Hispanic Journalists) to coordinate together and not book same people
  • Confirming speakers is going well.  There are separate categories of speakers
  • Entertainment and Arts – need stronger suggestions


  • NHJ – wants to host an immigration focused event – talking with alums who have gotten working visas. NHJ wants to work with SPJ
  • Employment – everyone wants them; how can we get them in the US and abroad. Justin Morton is working on creating events around this issue

Web Committee

  • Making website more attractive and interactive
  • Send suggestions for things you would like to see on the website to Malena –
  • Where/how can people vent on the website (ie Campus Grumble)? Could people just email the SPJ account? Is a live feed of grumbles what we want/want to be associated with? Fill out a concerns page
  • SPJ website appears unusable on mobile devices


  • We got one proposed design
  • Sweatshirt will be Navy blue
  • Leaning towards crew neck style
  • If you have ideas, submit them to Tyler –


  • VP Announcements

Dean of Student Affairs Meeting

  • 31 , 4-5p, Venue TBD
  • If you raise a concern, please make sure you are there
  • Video skills in the bootcamp; computer : student ratio (are computers being used for work or phone); staplers
  • Email any other issues to Sahiba –


  1. Columbia Giving Day
  • Time TBD, Oct. 29, Pulitzer Hall lobby
  • Students are being asked to write thank you letters to donors
  • Feel free to donate as well
  • If you have more questions, contact Justin



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