Meeting minutes – October 18, 2013

Professional Org Liaisons

–       Reached out to liaisons from last year

–       Want to talk to students to see what organizations they want the liaisons to reach out to.

–       Working on template email to send out to organizations to see how we can get involved

–       Indrani will be the official Deadline Club liaison

–       If want to have some kind of event here with org, talk to Rebecca about room

–       Can go to career services to ask about cosponsoring


Film/Doc Coordinators

–       Got lots of suggested movies

  • The two most suggested movies were:
    • “Shattered Glass”
    • “All the President’s Men”

–       Will do AV training on Monday

–       New idea: tour to Newseum in DC?


Member Affairs

–       Marika will send everyone the link to sign up later tonight

–       Will set up table at next event



–       Halloween

  • Nov. 1st at the Delancey, 10pm till close
    • Have basement reserved for us and access to the rest of the venue
    • Get to skip the line 10-11pm – Kimberley will stand at the door during this hour. After 11pm have to wait on the general admission line.
    • Divya will help figure out ticketing
    • Will have reduced-price drink tickets – Kimberley and Divya will figure out pricing


Student life

Snaps for cookies and treats!



Attended agenda meeting in preparation for next week’s meeting. Discussed 5 or 6 issues

–       Quality of life survey that went out to students last year

  • Trying to compile data and find the stories in the data
  • Want feedback from senators

–       Cross-registration

  • People don’t know it’s possible
    • [Is it possible for J School students?]
  • IT department at every school has issue, would need university wide registration
  • Trying to create 30 slots in each department so students can cross-register
    • Problem is, if give up slots in school, need something in return

–       Native American – want to be recognized as Native Americans and not Indians

  • Have been feeling that being called Indians is derogatory

–       Facility fees

  • Being raised astronomical amount each year
    • [Do J Schoolers pay facilities fees?]

–       International students

  • OPTs and CPTs
  • Trying to make it possible for international students to stay in country a little bit longer

Whatever concerns we have, should let Mary know so she can bring back to the University Senate.


Community Service

–       Drive for holiday season

  • Jelena looking to find food pantry or food shelter so we can tag onto their citywide drive



–       Come up with plan for bulletin board in Stabile

  • Clean up

–       Follow @ColumbiaSPJ for updates!



–       Blog ideas for students and alumni

–       Will send out ideas and signup for blog posts to board to kick it off, then we’ll open up to all students

–       Weekly “Three things you should know from SPJ” – coordinate with Smriti to put on Facebook



–       Tell people about sweatshirt design contest!!

  • Guidelines: can’t use shield or lion, can use crown, has to say Columbia Journalism
  • What you can’t buy at the bookstore
  • Don’t get too flashy
  • Thicker font, sans serif, athletic types

–       Coffee mugs?



Upcoming events:

–       Adam Goldman, Matt Opozo, Pulitzer prize winning authors

  • Tuesday, October 29, 5:30pm in Stabile
  • Speakers found by Damien, this will be SPJ’s first co-sponsorship with AMEJA

–       Natalia Montagna

  • Was World Press Institute fellow with nine other journalists (travels around to NYtimes, Washington post, CNN)
  • Brown bag lunch

–       Tour of Morning Joe

  • Jenna spoke with Louis who said he could do a small 10-15 person tour, date TBD

–       Jason Dundas, VH1 Big Morning Buzz

  • Can come speak, working out dates now
  • Also offered to do live taping and tour for 10 students

–       Gerald McManus

  • From Australia, facing jailtime for shielding sources
  • Brown bag lunch


Musical Revue

–       Now under SPJ umbrella, with David Levesley as liaison

–       Taking inspiration from staged concerts, eight or nine people on board so far

–       Need help booking rooms so don’t have to pay

  • Want to be able to book rooms in Lerner for rehearsals
    • There will be cost for piano
    • Lerner – we can use the room, but only that pay lots to use furniture etc.
    • Need to get recognized, Rebecca is working on the paperwork

–       Preview at Lucille’s Ball?

–       Fundraising opportunity?

  • Alumni might want to come
    • Could do one paid and one unpaid show for the students?


Academic Affairs/VP

–       Still working on arranging a meeting with Dean Grueskin

–       Will create system to help students figure out which labs are free when

  • Online version? Work with webmasters?

–       Way to collect suggestions for improving academic life

  • Formsite



–       Follow the webmasters on Twitter

–       Want to get student work on the website

  • Don’t like the idea of fostering competition between people who do get published/have class sites and those who don’t
    • Kind of like a student clip report
    • Has to have a very clear selection process to avoid problems
    • Rishi – should also get August work up (photos and audio clips)


All committee chairs: Give Jason budgets and committee members



Three (and a half) Things from SPJ:

1. Stay updated: Keep an eye out for this weekly post from your secretary on the Facebook group, as well as notices from Smriti Sinha, our Publicity Coordinator. Follow @ColumbiaSPJ.

1 ½. Connect: If there are any professional journalism organizations you’d like SPJ to get in touch with, tell one of the liaisons (Indrani Basu, Amanda Burrill, and Nina Glinski). If you’d like to become a member of SPJ national or learn why you should, talk to Membership Director Marika Washchyshyn.

2. Design our sweatshirts! SPJ is having a contest to design our J School sweatshirts (to be sold before the holidays). Submit a design to Treasurer Divya Singaravelu by Thursday, October 24th. The winning designer gets a free sweatshirt.

3. Save the date (and start thinking costumes!): Our Halloween party will be on November 1st at the Delancey. More details to come!



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