Meeting Minutes – October 19, 2012

SPJ Minutes

October 19, 2012

Present: Board members, except: Keira Lu Huang (excused), Beth McKernan (excused), Jason Myles (excused), Mohamed Al-Shaaban, Yvonne Bang, Nastasia Boulos, Khadijah Carter, Tom Corrigan, Karina Cuevas, Jay Devineni, John-Carlos Estrada, Sandra Garcia, Lorelai Germain, Krystal Grow, Sameea Kamal, Karuna Kumar, Mark Lungariello, Nikhita Mahtani, MaryAlice Parks, Kimberly Reyes, Kendall Rodriguez, Um-e-Kulsoom Shariff, Philip Stephenson, Surabhi Vaya, Tanay Warerkar, Annaliese Wiederspahn

1. We’re trying to have more collaboration between the M.A. and M.S. programs–possibly doing more lunches and mixers, and making sure to put all SPJ events on the M.A. and Part-Time Facebook groups.

2. Website–we now have up updated bios and events on the SPJ website, Anyone can be a part of the blog, if you’re interested, send posts to Tenzin Shakya and David Winograd –

3. Dean Sotomayor organized a session to cover the basics of American politics. It will take place this coming Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 12-1:30 in room 601b. Prof. Michael Schudson from the Ph.D program will lead the session, which will be a broad overview of the US political system for international students.

4. During the debate, J-school students used the hashtag #cujdebates while tweeting. Some students are concerned about the professionalism of these tweets and suggested we have a discussion, perhaps with Prof. Sree, about what is appropriate/smart to put on Twitter. This could take the form of a short talk or an e-mail.

5. We made $26 this week from pizza sales from the debate. The sweatshirt sale is still in progress.

6. We’ll screen the last presidential debate this Monday, Oct. 22 in Stabile. Debate starts at 9pm. We’ll screen the film Electoral Dysfunction on Wednesday at 6:30pm in Stabile.

7. Student Life–Gayatri is interested in collaborating with the Film and Doc committee to screen films and sports games (soccer, American football) on Sundays. Some other suggestions are soccer matches (starting after election) and morning runs.

8. Kim is getting requests from students for staplers in the J-school building, individual trash cans in women’s restrooms, and a coffee maker in the building. We need to organize these initiatives.

9. Speakers–On Oct. 23, Erin Polgreen, a digital entrepreneur, will come to speak about creating journalistic Ipad apps. Her apps aim to make journalism more interactive and getting the audience engaged. She’ll give an informal session from 12-1:30pm in Stabile. We’re also looking to bring Richard Roth, a senior correspondent at CNN, to talk about covering the UN in conflict time and the challenges the UN faces when their suggestions are ignored. Many speakers are tied up through the election season and can’t come until next semester. Matt Laurer is one–he is interested in coming in the spring semester. Also, we will have the opportunity to watch Anderson Live for free in November–details to come.

10. Community Service–Mansi is collaborating with Tenzin and David to get a database of organizations we can volunteer with for Joy of Giving Week up on the website. Everyone will also have an opportunity to document their community service. We will also partner with University Relations for the Dance Marathon next semester. The Dance Marathon raises money and awareness for pediatric AIDS.

11. Newswire–Faculty haven’t shown much interest this year in being involved in the final vetting committee for the newswire, so SPJ voted to take out this step in the process. Each piece will still be initially vetted by student’s RW1 professors, but professors will not be involved in the final step.

12. Next week’s meeting will be at 6:30 to accomodate students whose Master’s meetings go past 6. Some members said 6 was better for them, so we’ll try out 6:30 this week and see how attendance is.


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