Meeting Minutes September 21, 2012

1. Rebecca went over planning SPJ events.  There must be more than 48 hours notice before creating any event. The first option for event space is the Student Lounge, second option is classrooms.  No events can be held on the 3rd floor.  The Dean of Students group sometimes co-sponsors events with SPJ–usually once a semester.  Any events held off campus need to be planned 10 business days in advance. We have to ensure there is wheelchair access for off-campus events.    Permits for events in the plaza outside the J-School take 5 business days.

2. Rebecca explained that the Publicity Chair, along with President and VP, are now the admins of the Facebook group.  SPJ info also goes up on the billboards on the first floor. The first third of the billboard is designated for SPJ and the Publicity Chair and Secretary are in charge of negotiating this space.

3.  SPJ starts off with $500, which is seed money for the first fundraiser, typically a Halloween party.  The biggest fundraiser for SPJ will be selling swag–hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Sweatpants don?t sell.  We can market Centennial class merchandise as well this year.
Lucille?s Ball in December will be one of the biggest fundraising events of the year–Lucille?s Ball raises about $5,000. In the past students have done an hour-long Roast and Toast with skits, music, and video.  The event will also have a cash bar and snacks.

4. We cannot pay for any speakers that come to the school.  We can?t schedule over any existing J-school events or we may be temporarily suspended from holding events.

5.  We still need a Centennial Student Rep and an AP Newswire Chair.  For any other needs that come up, we can also appoint a rep.

6. The entire student body will be invited to join SPJ committees next week.  At the next meeting, we will establish committees. Only the board (those who went through election process) attend the board meetings and vote.

7. If members are interested in being involved with the yearbook, we must propose our idea and commitment to Rebecca and Kim. It costs about $3,500 to create a yearbook.


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