SPJ Minutes – February 21, 2012

Present: Board members, except those listed below.
Absent: Raisa Zaidi (excused), Janet Upadhye (excused), Nigel Chiwaya (excused), Sasha Schwendenwein (excused), Trinna Leong (excused), Travis Irvine (excused), Alex Contratto (unexcused), Ali Hussain (unexcused), Annie Claire Bergeron-Oliver (unexcused), Ben Hancock (unexcused), Carl Lewis (unexcused), Elaisha Stokes (unexcused), Hunter Smith (unexcused), Ines Novacic (unexcused), Jasmeet Sidhu (unexcused), John-Carlos Estrada (unexcused), Khadijah Carter (unexcused), Kristen Brown (unexcused), Lambert Mbom (unexcused), Lina Zeldovich (unexcused), Lindsay Minerva (unexcused), Mark Lungariello (unexcused), Nitya Rajan (unexcused), Paul Cronin (unexcused), Phil Stephenson (unexcused), Ravi Kumar (unexcused), Russ Finkelstein (unexcused), Sabrina Buckwalter (unexcused), Sean Easter (unexcused), Sergey Gordeev (unexcused).

1. Sheila Chenza Thimba, the associate dean for administrative affairs, shared results of survey of space at CUJ. Conclusions: CUJ may do unisex bathrooms on every floor. CUJ wants to use 3rd floor more. Also want people to use the library more. May drop Brad’s in two more years when their contract ends, if it doesn’t improve.

2. Updates:
Community service: UN social media training has been postponed. Columbia High School has asked us to teach.
Student Life: Stressbusters is coming on Monday March 5, 2-4pm. Oscar Party on Sunday. We will live stream it in Stabile. We have a red carpet and popcorn, plus $100 from Sree, maybe for pizza.
Molly and Jillian put together a freelance-pitching workshop. Career services also does something like this at the end of the year, so they will talk to career services.
Newswire update: Two professors have signed onto the selection committee. Purvi will also talk to Dody Tsiantar.
Speakers and events: Colin — Society of American Magazine Editors might come in April. Still tracking down other speakers as well. Cassie — There’s an editor at Intelligent Life who might come. Maybe we can do an event with these two speakers together. Africa panel: Still looking for speakers.
Centennial: We’re not having a separate party. There will be one party together with alumni. For centennial, planning to sell shirts, umbrellas, baseball caps and mugs. Designs are set. Profile pictures still underway. Waiting for yearbook photos.
Yearbook: Still trying to raise money and do pre-sale. Need to figure out photos asap. This part is in bold at the request of Damee Ademo:
Adam and Erin agreed to do photos on Mondays from 4:30 to 6:30. Can we put it in Today at the J-School and on the Facebook group? Put it in the SPJ videos, too. Maybe have a table in Stabile to collect money? Celia can sit there during lunch. Baking cupcakes on Sunday at Katz’s place.[/toggle]

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