Lucille’s Ball: Minutes, 11/4

Lucille’s Ball is just around the corner –– what more is there to say?

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Nov. 4, 2011

Present: All except those listed below.
Absent: Maria Schwendenwein (excused), Sergey Gordeev (excused), Annie Bergeron-Oliver (excused), Ali Hussain, Carl Lewis, Hunter Smith, Ines Novacic, Jasmeet Sidhu, Kristen Brown, Lambert Mbom, Marc Lungariello, Nathan Vickers, Nitja Rajan, Paul Cronin, Philip Stephenson.


1. Jake calls meeting to order.

2. Sree presents the faculty’s ideas for CUJ guidelines on social media. The school is leaning toward making classes generally social media-free, and lectures open to social media, though with the understanding that speakers will not speak as openly as they would in absence of social media.

3. Committee updates:

Events: Please spread the word about the variety show for Lucille’s Ball. We need to ask Rebecca exactly how much money the deans are contributing. Do we want a theme for the ball? The Friday after Thanksgiving is Travis and Yumna’s next comedy show. We will promote it and collect part of the profits.

Community: Working on offering CUJ tours to high school students and preparing to hold a food drive.

Speakers: There is an all-day speakers event in January, and we need to start thinking about speakers.

Film: Will be screening Sun Come Up, a documentary on environmental refugees.

Swag: To raise money, Sean suggested a random task auction. Everyone who needs reimbursements for SPJ costs, please handle this with Raisa as soon as possible.

Student life: The water boiler is downstairs now, so maybe we can sell ramen, hot chocolate and tea. Jillian will soon distribute the “I did the deed” cards. Nov. 18 is trivia night.

Academic: Is holding open hours every week to gather student feedback. Yearbook photos start next week.

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