Diwali: Minutes, 10/28

A Diwali-themed presentation of this week’s SPJ minutes.

Oct. 28, 2011

Present: Jillian Sederholm, Jake Heller, John-Carlos Estrada, Sabrina Buckwalter, Nigel Chiwaya, Ravi Kumar, Cassie Harvey, Mohammed Ademo, Ben Hancock, Sean Easter, Keldy Ortiz, Nathan Vickers, Andrew Katz, Bianca Consunji, Raisa Zaidi, Celia Llopis-Jepsen.
Absent: Purvi Thacker (excused), Sasha Maria Schwendenwein (excused), Lina Zeldovich (excused), Janet Upadhye (excused), Khadijah Carter (excused). Everyone else (unexcused).


1. Jake calls meeting to order.

2. Committee updates:

Events & speakers: The social media debate is underway! Invitations are going out this weekend. Next, SPJ needs to make arrangements for Lucille’s Ball. (Can we improve the sound system or resolve the seating situation?) Travis and Yumna are organizing another comedy event the day after Thanksgiving. SPJ will promote the event and share the proceeds.

Part-time: John-Carlos has arranged an event for part-time students to hang out with the deans.

Swag: We’ve added the years “1912-2012” to the sweatshirts. Sweatshirts go on sale this week. Carl will put it on the website.

Website: We need admin permission to make improvements to the site!

Centennial: Bianca submitted our wish list of names for the centennial documentary.

Student life: Our class trivia event is coming up soon (date to be announced). The hot water dispenser is on the way. Jillian has arranged for Stressbusters to offer free massages. Democracy Now tour: No one has signed up yet. “Do the Deed”: Student life will be distributing cards encouraging people to do good deeds.

3. SPJ’s big project: Some ideas we have now are a LEEDs-like certification system or a temporary professorship for journalists at risk in other countries. Please, everyone, share your ideas!

4. Executive committee, please attend the meeting on Tuesday.

Minutes submitted by the secretary.


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