The Big Hurt project from Columbia Journalism School’s Digital Media Newsroom

BighurtThe Big Hurt project is an in-depth look at how the recession is affecting New Yorkers.

BighurtThe Big Hurt project is an in-depth look at how the recession is affecting New Yorkers. Five different digital media newsroom sections covered five topics surrounding “The Big Hurt”: housing, small business, unemployment, the arts, and people changing careers as a result of being laid off.

Students partnered in teams of two to produce digital media profiles that include a print piece, flash graphic, video, a custom Google Map, and slideshow (some of these profiles may be missing one of these elements because of the structure of that section or because this is still in a “soft” launch and students are finishing elements off). The structure of the course allows for you to produce and in-depth digital profile, but also learn the skills required to create a story using digital media storytelling.


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21 thoughts on “The Big Hurt project from Columbia Journalism School’s Digital Media Newsroom”

  1. Great! I have learned to create movies from still photos. It is really fascinating and innovative. It is a very good way to let people tell their own real-life stories.

  2. What would have been even nicer would have been a look at other major cities and compared to New York just to see how they have fared also. Granted, for logistics, not exactly possible, but could have been done from online resources. After all, the impetus behind this all was to create a digital profile. Think it might have gone hand in hand?

  3. Forgot to add, where can one actually see the presentations that were created? Personally, I am interested in watching any interviews that you had about small businesses.

    Thanks..sorry for the additional comment

  4. Although I don't live in New York City. but in New York State, I can attest to the fact how much distress the recession had and is still having here. Hopefully the project that was undertaken will open peoples eyes. And maybe you could post here and tell us if it did.

  5. Many large cities across USA and Europe have been effected by the downturn, well done highlighting what is happening in your city

  6. What happened afterwards would be a nice follow up. Especially since we still are supposedly still in the throes of a recession!

  7. I wonder what would happen if you sent a new group of students back into New york. I wonder what they would find and would the whole perspective of the project change. Maybe you guys ought to consider it. I think it would be quite newsworthy.

  8. The-Big hurt project outlines the frustration of an average New Yorker. People are getting laid off and the small businesses are not flourishing. In this day and time , when everyone is glued to internet , small businesses miss an opportunity to reach their potential clients. Im a small business owner , i own a small restaurant and was suffering but i relied on modern search engine optimization to attract more clients who found me just via simple search. It’s high time that we all start thinking outside the box whether as small business owners or working professionals 

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